Please find some of our most frequently asked questions below.

If you still have further questions after reading, please CONTACT US and we'll get back to you promptly.

My tape is broken/damaged, can it still be transferred?

We will aim to repair a broken or damaged tape prior to transfer, free of charge although for badly damaged tapes, it may not be possible to return it after transfer.

Are there any restrictions to what can be transferred?

We will transfer any video that you own.

Can you convert tapes from the USA (NTSC format) to PAL?

Yes we can convert NTSC VHS, VHS-C and Mini DV Tapes to PAL on either DVD or MP4 format.

Do you Edit the Tapes?

Unfortunately as we are a low cost service we can only transfer the entire contents of the Tape to DVD or USB.

How is my tape transferred to DVD?

We use the most up-to-date transfer equipment to ensure the quality of your conversion. Your tape will be transferred via a JVC Tape Deck via a Signal Processor to a hard drive unit and then converted into DVD or MP4 format. We then burn the footage onto disc and Ink Jet print our labels, achieving a very professional and high quality finish.

What type of DVD do you use and what quality can I expect?

We only use the highest quality 'A' grade DVD-R media for all conversions. DVD-R is the standard format for most DVD players, however, some older DVD players and recorders are not DVD-R compatible. Please consult your user manual for further information.

As for the quality of our conversions... The DVD you receive will reflect the original quality of the media you supplied. Your digital copy may be slightly better than your original media.

Will my tapes be well kept?

We always treat every customer’s tapes with the utmost care - they are valuable and irreplaceable and as such, should be treated with respect. Our Tracked 48 delivery service is tracked and guaranteed both ways to give you peace of mind. As a family run business (Est. 2008) we are grateful for you considering us for your tape conversions.

Will my original tapes be returned?

Yes, along with your DVD/USB conversion, you will receive your original tapes.

Can I order additional copies of my tape ?

You can order additional copies of your tape when ordering online by clicking HERE 

Can I play the DVD's on my Computer or Laptop?

Please note our DVD's are encoded to be used on a normal stand alone DVD player connected to a TV, and Computers / Laptops with a DVD drive and the appropriate DVD player software like PowerDVD.

Without DVD software on your Computer or Laptop you will not be able to play them.

To use them on a Computer or Laptop without the appropriate DVD software, and especially if you want to edit them, then MP4 format on a USB stick is far better than a DVD.

Do you convert Film Reels or Cine Film to DVD or MP4 ?

No we only convert BetamaxMini DVHi8VHS, VHS-C and Video 8 to DVD

How much does it cost for a Tape to DVD Transfer ?

Each tape to DVD Transfer is £6.99 regardless of the type of tape, so 1 tape is £6.99, 2 tapes are £13.98, 3 tapes are £20.97 etc, the only additional cost is P&P which is £3.99 per order (Not Per tape !), so if for example you were sending us 3 tapes the total cost would be £24.96 (3 x £6.99 + 1 x £3.99 for P&P).

Please note a DVD can hold a MAXIMUM of 4 hours, so a E240 Tape on SP (Standard Play) is the MAXIMUM the DVD will hold, so if you send a E240 Tape recorded on LP (Long Play) that would be 8 hours, so only the first 4 hours would fit on the DVD.

When and how will I receive my order?

We aim for a turnaround time of around 7 working days although we'll always endeavour to finish conversions as quickly as possible. All finished DVDs will be returned along with the original tapes through Royal Mail.

Each DVD is returned with a colour label and protective cover.

What is the £3.99 P&P for ?

The £3.99 P&P is the Postage and Packing charge for us to return your completed DVD's and Tapes back to you. Please note you will still have to post your tapes to us at your own cost as we do not have a Free post label service.

How secure is your payments processing system?

All payments are handled through Sage Pay, a world-leading payment gateway to ensure peace of mind. We do not store this information in plain text ourselves.

We are fully PCI compliant to the industry standard and provide a safe and secure platform for our customers. We employ the latest security practices and are constantly reviewing our system for improvements.

Can you transfer tapes to USB?

As well as DVD conversion, we also offer tape to USB transfers. You can find more details on our tape to USB transfer service on our dedicated USB conversion PRODUCT PAGE.

Do you have customer reviews to look through?

We've recently launched our Trustpilot feedback system in which we invite all customers to review our service without bias through a recognised reviewing platform. You can see all of feedback to date HERE. With the nature of our service, we'd like to assure you of our professional standards and quality.

How do I order?

We provide several options for making an order.

1 - You may order through our website. Select the service you require along with the quantity needed, then proceed to checkout and make secure payment through debit or credit card. You may then send your tapes as instructed below:

2 - Alternatively you may order by Post by downloading and printing our order form found on each Product Page and return it with cheque or payment details before sending to the address below.

3 - You can also just post your tapes to us with your details, we will convert them and post everything back to you with an invoice, which you can then pay either by PayPal or Bank transfer etc. 

How do I send my tapes?

Package your tapes and send to the following address. Please attach a reference (Such as your order number if ordering online, or your name etc) to your tapes so that we can easily identify them. We recommend that you send any tapes via recorded delivery.

Your Video 2 DVD
61 Toronto Avenue
EH54 6BN

For more information on how to order please CLICK HERE