We are still getting a lot of tapes being sent to us in just a paper envelope,  these envelopes are not strong enough and the tapes are getting damaged by bursting through the envelopes. 

We are also getting tapes with no order number enclosed or name and address details !, we are unable to send your tape back to you if we do not know who you are !.

In view of this could all customers please remember that it is very important to pack your tapes well, and include your order number and name and address with your tapes.

Tape Mould


If your Tapes look like this:

Then please
DO NOT send them to us !.

If you look at the Tape through the Viewing Window on the Video Cassette and you see a fine white dust, white streaks or mould (Grey discolouration on the Tape) then please do not send the tapes as the mould would infect our own equipment and possibly other customer’s tapes we cannot proceed with your order and will have to return your tapes to you. 

For more information on Tape Mould please
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